Free Recipe Chilli Relish

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Recipe Preparation: cook
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Recipe Serves: 4

Ingredients for Chilli Relish Recipe

Olive oil to fry in
1 Relatively large onion
1 lg Chilli (the unidentified
-green ones in supermarkets:
-the ones with hot written
-on the shelf edge)
2 Cloves garlic (or maybe
1 tb Lime juice (bottled – saves
-limes ;)
1/2 tb Dark soy sauce
1 tb (level) curry powder
1 ts Peppercorns (they come in
-liquid in a jar)

Chilli Relish Preparation

Here’s a little something a friend and I cooked up last night. It’s a relish-type-thing, and we used it in buns with quarterpounders. It was absolutely gorgeous!!! Chop the onion into leetle bits and chuck it in the frying pan with the olive oil. Chop up the garlic into little chunks (i.e. don’t quite mince it) and chuck it in. Chop the Chilli, remove the seeds, and chop that into teensy leetle bits. Chuck it in. Pop in the peppercorns too. Fry it all until the onions go a bit on the brownish side. Lob in the lime juice and the soy sauce. Keep stirring and frying. Add the curry powder once everything’s just about cooked nicely, and stir in (it absorbs the excess juice / sauce, and coats the onions &stuff). Keep frying for about a minute or two. Do whatever you want with it! I’ve been thinking about shoving it in a jacket potato, with butter and huge quantites of cheese… Mmmmm… Troodler. CHILE-HEADS ARCHIVES From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen’s MM Recipe Archive, .

How Do You Cook Chilli Relish?

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