Free Recipe Green Peppercorn Mustard

Recipe Type: C Recipes
Recipe Preparation: boil
Cooking Temperature:
Recipe Serves: 1

Ingredients for Green Peppercorn Mustard Recipe

3 tb Mustard seeds
1/3 c Dry mustard, preferably
1/2 c Hot tap water
1/2 c White wine vinegar
1/2 c Dry white wine or dry
-white vermouth
Big pinch of cinnamon
1/2 ts Dried tarragon, crumbled
1/2 ts Dill seed
2 ts Coarse (kosher) salt
Big pinch of ground cloves
1 ts Honey
1 tb Green peppercorns (drained
-water-packed or freeze

Green Peppercorn Mustard Preparation

1. Combine the mustard seeds, dry mustard, water, and vinegar in a bowl and let stand for at least 3 hours. 2. In a small saucepan, bring to a boil the wine or vermouth, cinnamon, tarragon, dill seed, salt, and cloves. Strain into the mustard mixture and stir. Add the honey and green peppercorns. 3. Scape into a food processor or blender and whirl to a puree. 4. Transfer to the top of a double boiler over simmering water. Cook for about 10 minutes, stirring often. (The mixture should be a bit softer than finished mustard, as it will thicken as it cools). Crush a few more peppercorns slightly and add, if you like texture and a little more bite. 5. Scrape into a jar, cool, and refrigerate. Keeps indefinitely. Makes about 1 cup From Gemini”s MASSIVE MealMaster collection at

How Do You Cook Green Peppercorn Mustard?

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