Free Recipe Minestrone for a Crowd

Recipe Type: S Recipes
Recipe Preparation: boil
Cooking Temperature:
Recipe Serves: 10

Ingredients for Minestrone for a Crowd Recipe

1 tb Vegetable oil
2 Cloves garlic; finely
1 md Onion; finely chopped
1/2 md Head of cabbage;
2 sm Chopped zucchini
1 c Sliced carrots
1 c Chopped celery
4 c Vegetable broth
4 c Tomato juice
1 c Dry red wine
1 tb Dried basil
1 ts Salt
1/2 ts Dried oregano
1/4 ts Pepper
1 cn (28-oz) whole tomatoes;
1 cn (15-oz) garbanzo beans;
-rinsed and drained
1 cn (15-oz) kidney beans; rinsed
-and drained
1 pk (10-oz) frozen chopped
-spinach; thawed and
-squeezed to drain
Grated parmesan cheese if

Minestrone for a Crowd Preparation

submitted by: (Jo-Anne McCullough) Hi Dave! I love to cook and have been enjoying all the new recipes I keep receiving. Since I”m trying to watch my fat intake, I”m especially interested in low-fat recipes that taste good. I hate feeling deprived!! I thought that I might pass along this recipe that comes from the Betty Crocker”s Easy Low-Fat Cooking book. 18% calories from fat. Heat oil in 8-quart Dutch oven over medium heat. Cook garlic and onion in oil about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until onion is tender. Stir in remaining ingredients except cheese; break up tomatoes. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. cover and simmer 1 hour. Serve with cheese. 10 servings. I”ve made this soup several times now and it freezes great. As I have a full-time job outside the house, I cheat and use Vegeta or Bovril vegetable broth powder. I throw in a whole 48 oz can of tomato juice and water to make up the difference. I also find it easier to break up the whole tomatoes with my hands before I add them to the soup. Don”t omit the wine in this, as I feel that this is what gives it so much flavour. My eight year old daughter calls it Yummy Soup when I serve it over hot pasta. We like bows or radiatorre best. Buon appetito!! PS: I”m currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and spring is just beginning here. I envy those of you who live in warmer climates. PLease drop me a line if you enjoy this recipe. DAVE <DAVIDG@CLAM.RUTGERS.EDU> RECIPEINTERNET LIST SERVER RECIPE ARCHIVE – 22 APRIL 1996 From the ”RECIPEinternet: Recipes from Around the World” recipe list. Downloaded from Glen”s MM Recipe Archive, .

How Do You Cook Minestrone for a Crowd?

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