Free Recipe Shrimp Mousse

Recipe Type: Free Seafood Recipes
Recipe Preparation: steam
Cooking Temperature: cold
Recipe Serves: 6

Ingredients for Shrimp Mousse Recipe

1 lb. shrimp, peeled, deveined, chilled
boiling water, as needed
salt and pepper, to taste
12 oz. heavy cream
1 tbsp. dill weed, chopped
2 large leeks, blanched
1 pt. fish aspic

Shrimp Mousse Preparation

Place 1/4 of shrimp in pan with boiling water; boil for 2 minutes. Refresh in cold water; drain on paper toweling. Reserve. Place remaining shrimp and small amount of salt in chilled blender or food processor; process until smooth. Add small amount of cream; process until incorporated. Repeat procedure until half of cream is incorporated. Strain through sieve into stainless-steel bowl set in ice. Gradually beat in remaining cream. Using wooden spoon, fold in chopped dill; season with salt and pepper. Line 2 pt. terrine with plastic wrap. Place mousse in pastry bag; pipe into terrine to depth of 1/4 in. Coat each reserved shrimp with mousse; place on mousse in terrine, laying shrimp side by side. Shrimp should have no gaps or bubbles between them. Fill with remaining mousse. Tap terrine on damp cloth several times to remove bubbles. Seal tightly with plastic wrap; place in steamer. Steam for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from steamer; cool to room temperature. Place board with 1lb. weight on terrine; refrigerate until chilled. Split leeks lengthwise; scrape to remove flesh. Refrigerate leeks until chilled. Unmold terrine; re-line with plastic wrap. Lay leeks in mold cross-wise, letting ends hang over sides. Unwrap mousse; brush with fish aspic. Place in mold. Fold leeks over to cover mousse; trim excess. Cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate until chilled. Cut mousse into 1/2 in. thick slices. Remove plastic wrap from slices; refrigerate until chilled. Dip in fish aspic, drain and refrigerate; repeat procedure until slices are coated with 1/8-in. aspic.

How Do You Cook Shrimp Mousse?

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